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In the Community

March 2019


2019 Annual Meeting banner




AMCP Foundation in the Community: San Diego, CA 

"Knock Your Socks off in San Diego" 

We did it! Members, donors, volunteers, staff, and the San Diego Convention center together collected a record-setting 1,225 pairs of socks for the San Diego community. With the help of our community partner, Ladel Fellowship known for feeding, clothing, mentoring and providing medical screenings for the poor, delivered socks to the men, women, and their families. In addition, AMCP donated 300 conference bags to those families.

THANK YOU to all the participants of the AMCP Foundation Sock Collection for making this a success! A special thanks to our community partner, Ladel Fellowship! 

October 2018


AMCP Nexus 2018 banner





AMCP Foundation in the Community: Orlando, FL 

"Knock Your Socks off in Orlando" 

The AMCP Foundation collected 582 pairs of socks for the Orlando community. Our community partner, Volunteers for Community Impact, delivered socks to the men, women, and children participating in the Foster Grandparent Program. The program helps low-income seniors that volunteer to mentor children and their families with disabilities and victims of domestic violence. In addition, AMCP donated 600 conference bags to those families.

We appreciate the generosity of all the participants of the AMCP Foundation Sock Collection! A special thanks to our community partner, Volunteers for Community Impact!

April 2018


Annual Meeting 2018




AMCP Foundation in the Community: Boston, MA 

"Knock Your Socks off in Boston" 

Members of AMCP and attendees of the AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting 2018 set a new record collecting 1,118 pairs of socks for the Boston community. Pharmerit International, the official sock drive partner, gave away #pinksocks at their exhibit booth, prompting our friends of the tribe to participate. Inspired by Erin Solano and Tim Sawyers, AMCP member Rob Kilo of Biogen set a new bar for individual donations with 150 pairs of socks. Thank you Rob! Our community partner, Boston Cares, delivered the socks to Pine Street InnWomen's Lunch Place and Room to Grow. In addition, AMCP Foundation donated fruit, beverages and snacks to Conventions C.A.R.E and AMCP donated 600 insulated bags to the Greater Boston Food Bank

We appreciate the generosity of all the participants of the AMCP Foundation Sock Collection! A special thanks to our sock sponsor Pharmerit International and community partner Boston Cares!

Knock your Socks Off 2018 collage

October 2017 


Nexus 2017 Banner

AMCP Foundation in the Community: Dallas, TX 

"Knock Your Socks Off in Dallas" 

During the AMCP Nexus 2017 in Dallas, TX, the Foundation donated 556 pairs of socks and bags to VolunteerNow. Socks and bags were distributed to individuals and families affected by Hurricane Harvey and other tragedies. AMCP Foundation would like to thank all attendees and members for their support of this great cause. AMCP members Erin Solano of Huron Consulting Group, and Tim Sawyers of MedImpact Healthcare Systems went above and beyond the call of duty, organizing sock drives at their respective organizations. Their efforts brought more than 200 pairs of socks to Dallas! Thank you Erin and Tim!

2017 Sock Collage

April 2017   


Annual Meeting 2017

AMCP Foundation in the Community: Denver, CO 

During the AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, the Foundation donated flowers, shirts, food and water to Project Angel Heart. Since 2005, Project Angel Heart has worked to ensure that Colorado Springs-area residents coping with life-threatening illnesses like cancer, HIV/AIDS, and kidney/heart/lung disease have access to vital nutrition by providing home-delivered meals specifically modified to meet their unique dietary needs.  

"Knock Your Socks Off in Denver" 

AMCP Foundation Sock Collection 

In Denver, 534 pairs of brand-new socks were presented to local agency Metro Volunteers, which in turn distributed the clothing to five local charities. The Action CenterClothes to KidsDenver Rescue MissionA Precious Child, and Family Tree all received socks for charity thanks to AMCP Annual Meeting attendees. We thank everyone who participated and supported our charity event!

Knock Your Socks Off in the news. 

Sock Collage 2017

October 2016 


"Knock Your Socks Off at AMCP Nexus" 

AMCP Foundation Sock Collection 

516 pairs of new socks were collected by your AMCP Foundation during Nexus 2016! Thank you to Nexus attendees and AMCP members for your generosity, which benefited three community organizations in the D.C. metro area: Carpenter's ShelterChildren and Family Network Centers and Friends of Guest House. A huge "Thanks" to Volunteer Alexandria for their support of our charity event! 

Sock Collage 2016

April 2016 


Annual Meeting 2016

AMCP Foundation in the Community: San Francisco, CA  

Following the successful AMCP Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting in San Francisco, the Foundation donated flowers to the SteppingStone Mabini South of Market Adult Day Center. 

Recognized by its peers as a strong and effective leader amongst Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) providers in San Francisco, California, SteppingStone is committed solely to providing comprehensive and compassionate care.  

Since 1983, the organization has enabled adults and seniors to live independently at home while thriving in a community that promotes their health and quality of life. 

The AMCP Foundation was proud to play a part in bringing happiness to SteppingStone patrons by donating flowers from our award ceremony.