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Steven G. Avey Award

Avey award presentation

Recognizing trailblazers is true to the Foundation's mission of expanding the collective understanding about the dynamics of patient care. In 2005, the AMCP Foundation honored Steven G. Avey by naming the prestigious Foundation Award for Achievement in his honor. To inspire future accomplishments in the field, the Avey Award is presented annually to an individual who embodies the ideals of Steven G. Avey. 

Avey is a nationally recognized leader in managed care pharmacy who has been active in AMCP at every point of his career. While serving on the Board of Directors of AMCP and as the Executive Director of the AMCP Foundation, he elevated the Foundation's prestige and influence in the health care system in several Key areas:

  • Promotion of balanced pharmacy benefit design and enhanced Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee decision-making
  • Implementation of managed care principles in the curriculum of many pharmacy schools around the country
  • Improvements in drug assessment processes 

The Avey Award is the field's highest honor; recipients are standard-bearers for sustained, exemplary and distinguished service who have increased awareness, motivated fellow members and researchers, and made significant contributions to the advancement of managed care pharmacy.

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The AMCP Foundation seeks partners to support a permanently designated endowment to ongoing operations of the Steven G. Avey Award. 

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